***SOLD*** Early Rick Bowles Model 1-7″ Old Yellow Scrimshaw! RARE! $2500

Highly Collectable Early 1980’s Rick Bowles Custom Scrimshaw!


These early knives NEVER come up for sale!


This Randall Model 1-7″ APFK was purchased in the late 1970’s by a close friend of Rick Bowles, by the name of Denton Gibbs. Denton was the owner of a building which housed a Billiards Supply and a Gun Shop, which Rick frequented constantly. The teenaged Denton worked in the gun shop and became close with Rick, and had a couple of Randall’s Scrimshawed for him. This is one of them.

With Rick Bowles becoming the Authorized Scrimshander for RMK, the very few knives that were not done through the Randall shop did not have serial numbers on them. Also of note, these family and friends knives were scrimshawed on the “non-logo” side of the handle. Very rare indeed!

  1. Model 1-7″ All Purpose Fighting Knife
  2. Stainless Steel Blade
  3. Nickel/Silver Double Hilt
  4. Red, White and Black Spacers
  5. Old Yellow Micarta Handle
  6. Deer Head Scrimshaw by Bowles
  7. Signed beneath the Deer “RB”
  8. Johnson Roughback Sheath with Original Stone




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