***SOLD*** Randall Made Knives Mid 50’s Model 12-11″ Smithsonian Exhibition Bowie! $1450

Another rare Randall of which you will never see a duplicate!

1955 RMK Model 12-11″ Smithsonian (Heavy) Presentation Bowie.

  1. Heavy 11″ X 3/8″ O-1 Carbon Steel Blade
  2. Exhibition Grade Chrome Plated Blade
  3. Brazed Heavy Brass Lugged Hilt.
  4. Hand Cut, Scalloped Brass Collar.  (these were supposedly not available with a stacked leather handle)
  5. As previously mentioned, Stacked Leather Commando Shaped Handle
  6. Brass Butt Cap and Retaining Nut
  7. Heiser Brown Button Sheath with Correct Sharpening Hone
  8. This was purchased and owned by a Navy Veteran. (see video below)
  9. https://youtu.be/ypKqWFiSbUk

A little bit of history on these Exhibition knives:

Chrome plated exhibition blades were an extra cost option that Bo Randall introduced during 1954. (This option was eliminated from the catalog in 1970) It was of limited interest to most customers during this time. A young Gary Randall became the errand boy for running back and forth between the shop and the chrome plater’s, (As well as the welding shop for brass backs) and this was not on his “fun things to do” list. Very few blades were chromed as a result.

It is extremely difficult to photograph chrome and/or other shiny materials, but here goes.



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