Shortest Blade Length For A Randall

Let me share with you what I believe to be the shortest blade length of any full size Randall made knife out there.

Here is the history behind this intriguing little knife.

One Saturday morning in 1968, a chance meeting between Gary Randall and Dick (Richard) Dove, of Dove Taxidermy, ran into each other at Denmark’s Sporting Goods at 149 North Magnolia Avenue, Orlando, Florida. After speaking with each other for awhile, Gary told Dick that he was going to make him a “special” knife for his taxidermy business. This is the result of that Saturday morning encounter.

The knife that we are talking about here is a special grind, stainless steel, 2 1/2″ blade length,  and a full size 4″ handle that Gary Randall himself forged.

This knife features a “Separate “S””, which was the norm for this timeframe. a slightly slanted hilt, and a Black Micarta handle.

Gary recalls making this blade, as well as my personal telephone conversation with Dick Dove. But besides that, I have hand written notes from Dick Dove about the knife for provenance as well. As you can see by the letter, Gary Clinton was the owner of it at one time.

As you can see in this picture, the knife did not include a sheath when it was presented to Mr. Dove. He used an old leather knife sharpening pouch to store the knife in.

I have had this in my personal collection for a few years now.

This is truly a unique piece of custom Randall knife history.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this!

William Severance

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