*SOLD* Randall Made Knives Model Gambler $750

Another unique custom Model 24 Gambler with Buffalo Horn handle and a one off Greg Gutcher concealment leg holster!

  1. Model 24-4″ Gambler Model
  2. Stainless Steel Blade
  3. Nickel/Silver Reduced Hilt
  4. Customer Supplied Buffalo Horn Handle
  5. Custom Made Sullivan’s Concealment Holster
  6. Sheath was a one-off made for Tom Clinton!

I have this one listed as used simply because of a small check/crack in the handle. Other than that, it is a dead mint, unused item! (the white stripes in the handle are natural colors)

(sellers call them checks, while buyers call them cracks. lol)

***ALL natural handle materials have the propensity to check or crack. Buffalo horn is no exception. Just like Ivory or Stag, it is vulnerable to climates and/or conditions.




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