*SOLD* Randall Model 12-9″ Brassback Bowie $2495

Stunning Vintage Randall Made Knives Model 12-9″ Sportsman Bowie!

This is the nicest Ivory Brass Back that I have owned!

  1. ca.1963 Model 12-9″ Sportsman Bowie
  2. Brassback Blade Design
  3. Brass Lugged Hilt
  4. Seven Spacer Handle
  5. Genuine Pre-Ban Elephant Ivory
  6. Full Brass Butt Cap
  7. Perfect HH Hieser Brown Button Sheath
  8. Mint Condition other than a crack in the handle
  9. (ALL Randall Ivory Handles crack)

Please enjoy all of the photographs below.





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