*SOLD* One Of A Kind Greg Gutcher Piggyback Sheath For Rick Bowels Specials! $300

Fresh from the Tom Clinton collection, this one of a kind double sheath was made in the early 90’s when Sullivan’s Holster Shop was located in Tampa, FL. (Before it burned down)

Dual stamps. Randall Made Knives and Sullivan’s by Gutcher.

Also stamped “RBS” Rick Bowels Special, and “25” for that particular Model.

Heavy Duty Thick Leather which is quite heavy!

Includes a sharpening stone in one pocket, and a Leatherman Tool in the other.

This was made to hold a pair of Rick Bowels 5″ knives, but will accommodate any knives of similar size.

You will never have an opportunity to purchase another one! This is it!

$10.00 USPS Priority Shipping in the USA!




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