*SOLD* Randall Large Sasquatch Engraved #083 $1350

Early Doug Kenefick Authorized Dealer Special Large Sasquatch!

This is a beast! No other knife in the Randall line is as intimidating as the Lg. Sasquatch!

First issued in 1977, this is a fairly early example numbered #083 in great condition.

  1. Special Blade Forging. 11″ Carbon Steel Blade made from 3/8″ stock, 2 1/4″ wide
  2. Brass Double Lugged Hilt, Smooth Collar and Smooth Flanged Butt Cap
  3. Black Micarta “Commando” Shaped Handle with Plain Brass Name Plate
  4. Custom Hand Embellished by Master Engraver Roland J.. Robidoux
  5. 50+ Years of Engraving Experience, and Owner of “Artistry On Arms”
  6. His Website is: http://artistryonarms.com/
  7. Original Johnson Smooth Back Sheath with Baby Dot Snaps
  8. A few carbon spots on the blade. Typical of carbon steel.
  9. I have dozens of various photographs of this one if you need more!
  10. $20.00 USPS Priority Shipping on this one



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