*SOLD* Rare Randall Authorized Dealer Special $995

Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Randall history!

The very first, Series One, Andy Thornal Special from 1974!

This knife,  being serial #6 of only 100, would be the first knife available to the public for purchase. The first five knives would certainly be designated to the Randall museum and the owners of Thornal Sporting Goods.

Here is the history of these Dealer Specials written several years ago:

Andy Thornal is a world class, sporting and outfitter’s store, in Winter Haven, Florida and has been a RANDALL dealer since 1969. To date they have had three special Randall knives made.

Their SERIES #1 knife would remind you of a 5 inch blade Model 12-6 Little Bear Bowie with a deep thumb notch in front of the hilt. The series started in 1974 and only 100 knives were made. Each knife had stag handles, the blade was 1/4″ stock and the back of each knife was marked A.T.-S, with the serial # under this mark. The last ones were sold in 1985 for $175.00. The back of the sheath is marked ANDY THORNAL SPECIAL above the regular Randall mark. A floral design is present below the stone pocket on the front of the sheath. The sheaths were made by Johnson.

Their SERIES #2 knife is very similar to a Model 5-4″ Randall. This 1/4 inch stock blade is 4 inches long and has a thumb notch. The handle is stag with a brass single hilt. The spacers are unusual in that there are only three with two black with one white spacer in the middle. The first knives in this series had sheaths with the floral design also, but later on the floral design was discontinued. Also the ANDY THORNAL mark is on the back of sheath. This knife was first brought out in 1977 and only a total of 100 were made. The last ones were sold in 1990 for $280.00. The back of each blade is marked A.T.-S II # (serial number). The serial # is beside the A.T.-S II.

Their SERIES #3 knife is a Model 26 Pathfinder with a Model 25 handle which was made in honor of their 50th Anniversary. 150 knives were made in this series in the 1995 and 1996. Same numbering system as before. The issue price was $495.





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