*Sold* Post-WWII Model 2-8 Fighting Stiletto $OLD!

Early Randall Model 2-8″ Fighter with gorgeous Hieser sheath.

During WWII, it has been written that Model 2 Fighters were outdo by Model 1’s by a 10-1, meaning that 1 out of 10 fighting knives were Model 2’s. After the war, The numbers of these produced was even lower. These are hard to find!

  1. Nice full blade with typical storage discoloration
  2. Narrow Ricasso with Deep Choils
  3. Typical late 1940’s spacer stack.
  4. (As shown in “The Randall Chronicles”)
  5. Stacked leather “Commando” handle
  6. Brass tang nut and washer
  7. Hieser sheath and grey stone

You don’t see many of these Model 2’s from this era! Determining the age of this knife is fairly easy, because of the Early Spacers and the Deep Choils, make it truly a transition period knife.



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