*SOLD* Vietnam Era Model 14 Attack w/provenance $1495

Mid/Late 60’s Randall Model 14 Attack with many extras!

Lots of knives out there being touted as “Vietnam Era”, but had nothing to do with the war! I have “Vietnam Era” Tupperware in my kitchen cupboards for crying out loud!

This Randall was owned by Chester W. Piekielniak and served with the Military Police.

Here is a list of what this package contains:

  1. RMK Model 14-7.5″ Full Tang Attack Knife in used/carried condition.
  2. O-1 Carbon Steel Blade with pitting, scuffs and scratches from use.
  3. Early Style Large Rectangular Brass Hilt.
  4. Dark Brown Micarta with Fingergrips and Unlined Thong Hole.
  5. Maurice Johnson Riveted Model “C” Sheath and Used Stone.
  6. January 1969 Graduation Yearbook from Fort Benning, Georgia Army Training Center which Includes this Gentleman’s Photograph.
  7. Military Desk Name Plate: “C. W. PIEKIELNIAK”
  8. 22″ “US” Marked Black Wood Police Night Stick Billy Club.

If you are going to buy Vietnam Era Knives, let them have provenance to show that they actually ARE Military Carried and Used!




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