*SOLD* Randall Made Knives Model 2-6″ White Poly Pearl! $995

Another One Of A Kind Randall! Rare White Poly Pearl Handle!

When have you ever seen another one with this handle material?

I have them!

These were made in the early 1990’s.

Optioned out in full dress:

  1. 6″ Stainless Steel Double Edged Stiletto Blade
  2. Nickel/Silver Forward Curved Hilt
  3. Red/Aluminum Spacers
  4. White Poly Pearl Handle!
  5. Duralumin Radiused Butt Cap
  6. Mint Sullivan’s Brown Sheath
  7. Baby Dot Snaps

Here is another opportunity to be the only kid on the block to own one!


Model 2 White Poly Pearl


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