*SOLD* Randall Dealer Special Buxton Fighter $750

Randall Made Knives Authorized Dealer Special Wayne Buxton Fighter # BF 548

The Buxton Fighter was created in 1996 when Wayne Buxton visited the Randall shop to create his own Authorized Dealer Special. The entire design took only ten minutes and the knife design was settled. Mr. Buxton knew what he wanted when he walked in the door. He wanted a fighter in a 6 ½ inch blade with a full tang and a stainless blade. Next,  Gary Randall said that back in the 60’s they would extend the tang out past the butt and call it a skull crusher. That idea went over well with Mr. Buxton. Gary next asked what type of hilt do you want and Mr. Buxton said that he liked nickel silver in the #1 style and would like a Border patrol handle style and a bowie clip. So the deal was struck.

This particular knife varies from the original design with a Model 14 style nickel/silver hilt, and a Griffin type single finger grip handle.

This knife has never been used or sharpened. The sheath shows minor signs of wear but still excellent condition.

I will ship this USPS Priority Mail for a flat rate of $10.00


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