Vintage Randall Astro Custom $795

Another One-Off Astro With Walnut and Crows Beak Handle!

Another that the Randall Shop should have offered!

  1. 1980’s Vintage Stainless Steel Blade
  2. Unique Brass Model 1 Fighter Style Hilt
  3. Nice Patina on the Brass
  4. Beautiful Walnut Scales
  5. Three Brass Pins Secure the Scales
  6. Single Black Spacers
  7. One Of A Kind Crow’s Beak
  8. Crow’s Beak is Both Pinned and Peened!
  9. Original Johnson Loose Stitched Type “C” sheath
  10. $10.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping in the USA

I have also shown a page from the 1991 Green Catalog showing other unique Astro’s






2 thoughts on “Vintage Randall Astro Custom $795

  1. Was this made wholly at the Randall shop or was it rehandled somewhere else? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.


  2. These are believed to have been made when Bo Randall was still alive and would do these types of custom jobs, although I have no paperwork stating such. It was purchased directly from Jack Crider many years ago, and who was known to be able to get anything he wanted made by Bo. It is most certainly one of a kind.

    Thanks for the interest!
    Bill Severance


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