*SOLD* Stanaback Special in Rosewood

* My exclusive dealer’s special!
* Hand forged stainless steel blade
* Special forging (dealer’s spl.)
* 4 5/8 inch blade length
* 1/4 inch blade stock
* Traditional Bowie shaped blade
* False edge is BCP (Bowie Clip Point) and TB (Top Bevel sharpened)
* Thumb notches
* Brass single hilt
* Brass & black spacers
* Brazilian Rosewood Handle (Or so I am told)
* Commando Handle Shape
* Brass Butt Cap
* Wrist thong
* Compass installed
* Special oxblood sheath
* EZE-Lap diamond sharpener in tube pocket on front panel
* More options than you can shake a stick at!



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