*SOLD* Randall Model 18-5.5″ Solingen Crutch Tip $1395

  1. Model 18-5.5″ Attack/Survival Knife from the Vietnam Era! (66/69)

  2. Solingen Model 15/18 Blade (not a Model 18 blade like the newer models)
  3. Stainless Steel Blade
  4. Sawteeth on Blade Spine
  5. Early Rectangular Hilt with holes
  6. Fantastic Patina!
  7. Stainless Steel “Pinched Tube” Handle
  8. Reproduction Crutch Tip (fits nice and snug)
  9. Longer “Half Tang” with messy epoxy. (earlier design)
  10. Maurice Johnson Riveted Rough Back Sheath
  11. Original Sharpening Stone in Pouch
  12. Stone pouches are quite often missing on these sheaths
  13. Good, Honest “carried” Fighting Knife right here!
  14. THIS is what a USED knife looks like!



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