*SOLD* Vintage Randall Model 17 Astro Custom

One of Two Custom Randall Made Knives Model 17 Astro!

This is the way that the shop should have made them!

  1. 80’s Vintage Stainless Steel Blade
  2. Unique Brass Model 18 Style Hilt
  3. Beautiful Toning on the Brass
  4. Gorgeous Walnut Scales (Handles)
  5. Brass Pins to Secure the Scales
  6. Brass Lined Thong Hole
  7. Dark Red Liners between the Scales
  8. Johnson Baby Dot Sheath
  9. $10.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping in the USA

I’ve added a page from Rhett Stidham’s 1991 Green Catalog showing other Rare Astro’s.





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