*SOLD* Model 12-9″ Sportsman Presentation Bowie $1495

Very Special and Unique Presentation Sportsman Bowie Knife!

  1. 9″ CHROME PLATED Blade with Unique Choil Recess
  2. HUGE Model 1 Fighter Style Brass Double Hilt
  3. Three Thick/Two Thin With Burgundy Spacers (1960’s)
  4. Uniquely Shaped Presentation Walnut Handle
  5. Top Placement Wrist Thong Hole (1960’s)
  6. Maurice Johnson Tight Stitched Rough Back Sheath
  7. Grey Sharpening Stone
  8. Includes Randall Logo Zippered Storage Pouch
  9. $10.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping
  10. {Please make payment via PayPal friends & family unless discussed}


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