*SOLD* RARE Model 2-8″ “No Choils” Wide Blade

One of a kind, late 1970’s Model 2-8″ “WIDE” Fighter!

You will never see another one like it! I specialize in Unique, One of a kind Randall’s!

Everything about this knife is exaggerated in size!

  1. Wide Blade Without Choil’s  and Large Stamped Logo.
  2. Oversized Nickel/Silver Fighter Hilt.
  3. Red, White and Blue Spacers.
  4. Oversized Stacked Leather Commando Shaped Handle.
  5. Oversized Duralumin Butt Cap.
  6. Unique Johnson Rough Back Baby Dot Sheath with Leg Tie. (Included)
  7. Salmon Sharpening Hone in Pocket.

If you love totally unique, one of a kind knives….HERE YOU GO!



10 thoughts on “*SOLD* RARE Model 2-8″ “No Choils” Wide Blade

  1. Dear William … i have made a offer to my customer and he will take this knife also !!!
    Do you will insert a PayPal button or should i send you the money on your email adresse ?
    Best regards from Vienna … He!nz


      • Are you sure that you want these knives shipped by UPS, and not by USPS? The cost via UPS is $250, and USPS would probably be $100.

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


      • Dear William … please send me the 2 „Astro‘s“ in one shipment … and each Mod.2 in separat shipments ! … UPS is perfekt for me, it costs me more but i do have less problems ! … When you send by USPS i will wait from 4 – 6 weeks to get the knives from customs clearance ! … All shipment costs will be paid by PayPal !!! … For customs please use „cutlery“ and full value !!! … Thank you for your support … Best regards … He!nz


      • Dear William … payment is done ! Thank you for patience and support ! Wish you a wonderful weekend and „happy easter“ to you and your family ! … He!nz


  2. Thank you very much for your purchase! I have 100’s of Randall’s as well as other maker knives available. I just don’t have them on my site. If you are interested in more, please let me know.

    William Severance
    Severance Knives


  3. I have not heard back from you about these knives, but I assume that you are pleased with them? I have 100’s more, so if you are interested in anything in particular, please let me know.

    William Severance


    • Dear William, … thank you for your reminder ! On Friday has the last knife arrived safely in Vienna ! … I am very interested in new knives for my customer, but i have to give my customer just around one month time, for a new offer ! … Thank you for your great support and patience ! …. Best regards … He!nz


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