*SOLD* Randall Model 2-6″ Unique One Of A Kind!

If you want a Randall that nobody else has, here it is!

  1. Model 2-6″ Stainless Steel Blade
  2. Unique 1950’s “Throwback” Blade Design
  3. One of less than five made with this blade shape
  4. Created during 1980/81
  5. Brass Double Hilt
  6. Brass and Black Spacers
  7. Brass Smooth Coolie Cap
  8. Reconstituted Black Vein Turquoise Handle
  9. Gold Flake in Handle Material
  10. One of a Kind in ALL Aspects!
  11. Johnson Baby Dot Sheath



Model 2-6″ Turquoise Handle


5 thoughts on “*SOLD* Randall Model 2-6″ Unique One Of A Kind!

      • In Austria you can buy/carry all kind of knives including automatics, please take a look at my open account on instagram : http://www.instagram.com/diewienerklinge !
        The shop is in the center of Vienna, next to St.Stephans Cathedral and is around 100 years old. I do own the shop for 16 years and my main business is working as a civil contractor for the Austrian Army. So for me is important to do serious business !!! If you want to no more about my reputation, please contact the dealer i have wrote you. To know about me is, i do have the order of a customer to build up the most important Randall collection outside of USA ! I bought for my customer in the last years around 100 Randall’s ! So if want to know more about me please do not hesitate to ask me ! Also “sorry” for my english ! If you do not understand something, please ask me ! Best regards … He!nz


      • I have added a payment button to this knife. If you need me to add a payment button to any other knives, please feel free to ask!

        Thank you,
        William Severance


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