*SOLD* Small Sasquatch Loaded With Options

Authorized Randall Dealer Doug Kenefick’s Guarded Design Sasquatch!

  1. Dealer Only Design Small Sasquatch
  2. Standard 8″ Stainless Steel Blade
  3. Extra Cost Nickel/Silver Forward Curved Hilt
  4. Aluminum/Black Spacers
  5. Dealer Supplied G-10 Blue Micarta Handle
  6. Radiused Duralumin Butt Cap
  7. Drilled Wrist Thong Hole
  8. Black Paracord Wrist Thong
  9. Extra Cost Black Sullivan’s Sheath
  10. Entire package is in MINT Condition!
  11. Includes Zippered Storage Pouch
  12. $10.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping
  13. PayPal Friends & Family Payment to:
  14. ta2bill@yahoo.com


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