*SOLD* Randall Model 26 Ivory Pathfinder

Here is the controversial “Cracked Ivory” Model 26 Pathfinder!

Just as I promised, I took care of the buyer of this knife, since Rick Bowels wouldn’t!

It’s now in my possession after being at the spa for a professional hydration and sealing of the Ivory handle!

At least now we know that the typical Randall Ivory crack is present and accounted for!

Other than that, this is a stunning little knife! Mint condition in all other aspects!

Here is the original sales post from the Bowels website:

Genuine Pre-Ban Ivory Randall Knives

I’m losing money on this purchase, and sale, but I believe that I have gained a new customer, and probably several others since this fiasco by Rick hit the Randall Made Knives Facebook page, (and subsequently deleted by him also). I’ve also included Ralph’s photograph showing the knife as he received it. (Trust me, it’s been taken care of professionally now!)


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