*SOLD* Model 1-7″ Remember Vietnam #42 of 50!

These are the most desirable “Remember Vietnam” models made!

           Genuine Buffalo Horn Handle with “Hutch” Scrimshaw!

Here is the introductory Model #1-7 inch of the ‘REMEMBER VIETNAM’ series! As with the Combat Companion, these knives were limited to only 50 of each model.

A scrimshanded depiction of a portion of the Vietnam War Memorial (The ‘WALL’) is shown on the trademark side of this knife, along with the busts of the 3 soldiers depicted in the statue at the Wall! Scrimshaw artist ‘Hutch’ has signed this piece and the serial number shows #42 OF 50 total. The buffalo horn handle is also scrimshanded on the opposite side with the immortal words: ‘REMEMBER VIETNAM’.

Greg Gutcher custom-made this incredible Model C sheath. A Republic of Vietnam service ribbon is depicted on the sheath’s front panel. I hope this is what you are looking for to fill that place of honor in your collection. It should serve as a reminder to all of us of the losses we have all suffered as a result of this war.

  1. Randall Made Knives Model 1-7″ All Purpose Fighting Knife
  2. Extra Cost Hand Forged Stainless Steel Blade
  3. Extra Cost Nickel/Silver Double Fighting Hilt
  4. Optional Black/Aluminum Spacers at both ends
  5. Extra Cost Customer Supplied Buffalo Horn Handle
  6. “Remember Vietnam”  Reverse Scrimshaw by “Hutch”
  7. Serial Number 42 out of 50 total
  8. Extra Cost Nickel/Silver Butt Cap
  9. Custom Greg Gutcher Riveted “Remember Vietnam”  Scabbard
  10. Unique to these knives, including the Vietnam ribbon
  11. Near Mint Condition! There are a couple of checks in the handle
  12. Please look at all of the photographs!
  13. PayPal Friends & Family Payment Please.
  14. Submit payment to: ta2bill@yahoo.com


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