*SOLD* Randall Knife Society #4 AKA 4-8″ Fighter

Here’s my RKS 4. Issued in early 2002 and described as a Model 4–8” fighter.
These came in two handle types, Sambar stag and stacked leather.

1,200 knives were sold. 816 stag handle knives and 384 leather.  Obviously, the stacked leather knives are the more desirable as far as collectability goes!

One scary looking, badass knife, where “handle with care” truly applies: the top edge is sharpened 4 ½“ back from the upswept point to the hump on the spine and is as razor sharp as the main edge, with its deep belly.

O1 tool steel, stacked leather handle, brass fighter double hilt, duralumin butt cap, RWB spacers. The stacked leather handle has a noticeable curve to it, nicely counterbalancing the blade’s shape.

The blade itself is just over 8” long, as measured straight from hilt to tip. It’s about 1 ½” wide. But in thickness it tapers (flattens) to a very fine, scalpel-like point. It’s an *exceptionally thin* blade from the hump forward, making it lighter and the knife light in the hand. The grind lines speak for themselves.

Has a recessed area for the thumb just in front of the hilt (like a fighter) and a deep notch (choil) on the other side of the ricasso for your finger.

The sheath is pretty cool too, with lines that follow the blade’s humps and a tie down strap. RKS stamp along with Randall Stamp on back of Sullivan’s sheath.

It’s always been one of the coolest looking knives in the Randall line up.


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