*SOLD* RARE! 1953 Model 12-11″ Confederate Bowie Pinned Hilt!

        Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to own a piece of History!

             Extremely Rare Pinned Hilt Randall Made Confederate Bowie!

                                    Lots of “Firsts” with this old Bowie!

  1. 1953 was the first year of production for the Model 12 Bowie lineup!
  2. 1953 was also the introduction of “Brazed Lugged” Hilts!
  3.  Also seen on occasion with the very earliest 1953 Bowies was the “Pinned Hilt” Whereby a Brass “pin”, actually a small diameter brass rod, was positioned in a hole drilled laterally through both the hilt and blade tang.
  4.  Production began after the 1952 release of the Warner Bros. movie,
  6.  This was a turning point for Randall knife production!
  7.  The “Brazed Lugs” and “Pinned Hilt” can clearly be seen in the photos!
  8.  Also, another piece that was only available in 53/54, in the Moore sheath!
  9.  This is a remarkable example of Clarence Moore’s Craftmanship!
  10.  This is the first Randall Pinned Tang Bowie that I have owned, and likely will never have an opportunity to own another!
  11.  $20.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping on this one.
  12.  PayPal Friends & Family payment to: ta2bill@yahoo.com

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