*SOLD* Vintage Model 2-6″ Ivory Handle! $795.00

      Here’s a neat Stiletto for you Collectors!

Vintage Randall Model 2-6″ Fighting Stiletto from the 1960’s!

Carbon Steel blade with small Randall stamp.

Ancient appearing Ivory handle with old seven spacers.

Nickel/Silver fighter hilt and Duralumin butt cap.

Unusual Thong hole on the top of the butt cap!

Leather wrist thong (Pre-Paracord)

Maurice Johnson Tight Stitched, Rough Back Sheath.

This is an old knife with scratches, scuffs & marks on the blade.

As shown in the pics, there are cracks & checks in the Ivory handle.

(Just like a knife this old SHOULD look like!)

$10.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping!


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