*SOLD* RARE Half Tang Model 18 w/Provenance!

Rare Mid 60’s Vietnam Carried Randall Made Knives Model 18-7.5 Survival/Attack!

Orlando Blade! Slight “Hump” Similar to a Solingen Blade! Course Saw Teeth!

Rectangular Shaped Model 14 Style Hilt! No Holes like the later ones!

5″ Pinched Tube! 2.5″ Half Stick Tang! Original Crutch tip!

Original Maurice Johnson Large Harness Riveted Split Back Sheath!

Original Grey Sharpening Stone! Original Leather Thong Straps!

Original Owner was Colonel Edward B. Blackman. Blade Etched With Name!


Edward B. Blackman was born Feb. 16, 1920, in Orlando, Fla., and moved to Jennings Lodge, Washington in 1929. He graduated from West Linn High School and attended the University of Washington before serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps in China during World War II. After the war, he was a pilot for United Airlines, before returning to the Army, serving in the Korean and Vietnam wars. Colonel Blackman retired from service in 1970.

If you collect, or are wanting to collect RARE Military Model Randall’s with Provenance, this is the one!

This knife is modestly priced at $2500.00. PayPal Friend’s & Family Preferred.

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