*SOLD* Rare Randall Model 14 By Tommy Bish!

           Here is a very scarce one to check out!

Randall Made Knives Model 14 Attack that has been assembled by the legendary gunsmith and knife maker Tommy Bish!

I will write up an entire article on Mr. Bish, but I will tell you that he is one of only 3 or 4 men that had the blessing from Bo Randall to attain and construct his blank blades.

Tommy was in good company with another Tom… Mr. Tom Leschorn!

Other than Bo Randall briefly experimenting with pinned butt caps in the 1960’s, Tommy Bish and Tom Leschorn did it almost exclusively!

Also note the slanted butt cap! Another telltale sign that makes this knife a snap to identify the maker!

(Shown here with another Randall and one of his original knives)


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