*SOLD* One of a Kind Stanaback Special!

          One of a Custom Pair that I will list tonight!

         One of a kind early example with an Ivory Tusk Tip Griffin Style Handle!

  1. Early Version of the “Stanaback Special” (1980’s)
  2. 4″ Stainless Steel Blade (As they all have)
  3.  Brass Single Hilt
  4.  Black & White Spacers (Tom Leschorn Trademark)
  5.  Genuine Pre-Ban Ivory Tusk Tip Handle
  6.  Dave Griffin style Single Finger Grip Handle
  7.  Includes a Greg Gutcher Custom Horn Back Croc Sheath!
  8.  $10.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping
  9.  PayPal Friends & Family to: ta2bill@yahoo.com

The designer of this Dealer Special knife told me years ago that he did not have it made in this fashion, and with this handle material or shape, and speculated that it was assembled by Tom Leschorn. Probably the only time that I have agreed with him! lol

Please check out the Early Prototype Blade Non-Catalog Cattleman that is it’s mate!

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