*SOLD* PROOF Shaw-Leibowitz Engraved Knife

How about some uber-rare Randall knives?

This is the “PROOF” Engraved with Gold & Copper plated example for the Randall Shaw-Leibowitz Lewis and Clark Commemorative customs!

It was originally sold to one of the largest Randall Dealers of the time, Jack Crider, on May 6th, 1979 by Leonard Leibowitz several months before the very first “for sale to the public” version was ever forged! All sales receipts between Leonard Leibowitz and Jack Crider are present, including the original sales receipt written on hotel stationary!

It is also the very first blade signed by both Bo and Gary Randall in 1979!

The shop has confirmed that no more than SIX EXAMPLES have ever carried both signatures! Consider that number when realizing that 100’s of 1000’s of knives have been produced since 1938!

As seen in one of the photographs below, it was sold by Rhett Stidham out of his 1991 “Green” Catalog of knives belonging to the late Jack Crider, a “major league” authorized Randall dealer and collector of the time period.

I have the entire set of documents between Mr. Shaw and Jack Crider along with it. Includes the Sale flyer and application card to purchase.

It even has the new in package polishing cloth for the plating that came with it!

The knife is in 100% pristine condition. I’m confident to state that it is far and beyond the finest example on the planet.

RARE is an understatement!

(The sheath with the tag attached in the picture below is included with this sale)

3 thoughts on “*SOLD* PROOF Shaw-Leibowitz Engraved Knife

  1. Dear Bill … hope this message finds you well ?!

    Good news from Vienna, my customer is interested for the following knife :
    Shaw-Leibowitz Lewis and Clark Commemorative customs !

    So my questions are :
    1. can you take the knife on hold for 2 days
    2. and ist there a discount possible?

    Waiting for your kind answer and
    sharp greetings from Vienna


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