*SOLD* One of a Kind Non-Catalog Cattleman!

    One of a Custom Pair that I will list tonight!

One of a kind early example with an Ivory Tusk Tip Griffin Style Handle!

  1.  Early “Prototype” Blade Non-Catalog Cattleman!
  2. RARE and Early Swedish O-1 Carbon Steel Blade!
  3.  Brass Single Hilt
  4.  Red, White and Blue Spacers
  5. Genuine Pre-Ban Ivory Tusk Tip Handle
  6. Dave Griffin style Single Finger Grip Handle
  7. Includes a Greg Gutcher Custom Horn Back Croc Sheath!
  8. $13.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping
  9. PayPal Friends & Family to: ta2bill@yahoo.com

Both this and the matching Stanaback Special came out of the Tom Clinton Collection!



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