*SOLD* Early Pathfinder (Pre-26) One-Off!

I am listing about one dozen unique Randall’s from my personal collection!

You will NEVER see a duplicate of these knives anywhere in the world!

  1. Early Pathfinder BEFORE they were cataloged as the New Model 26 in 1994!
  2.  4″ Stainless Steel Blade with the first design blade grind!
  3.  Brass Single Hilt with Black & Brass Spacers
  4.  Model 25 Style Handle (which became the non-catalog Pathfinder)
  5.  Three Piece Handle includes Buffalo Horn and Fossil Walrus Ivory!
  6.  Brass Butt Cap to round off the package!

These Early Prototype Style Pathfinders are without a doubt the nicest you will find!


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