*SOLD* Early 1960’s Randall Model 14 Custom

Early 1960’s Randall Made Knives Model 14 Attack Knife Re-handled with a M7 D-Guard

“Knuckle Duster”!

This Model 14 started life as an Extended Tang, Bolted Green Tenite Handled version from the early 1960’s. The original green Tenite handle was missing, and I had it professionally re-handled with a brand new M-7 D-Guard along with an original Vietnam era handle (two pieces). The project turned out fantastic!

The knife is mated with a near mint condition Randall Made Knives and Sullivan’s Custom stamped period correct appearance riveted sheath that looks and fits like a glove. Includes the green ties as well.

$15.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping

PayPal Friend’s & Family payment to: ta2bill@yahoo.com

15 thoughts on “*SOLD* Early 1960’s Randall Model 14 Custom

    • Yes I got your message. Not exactly the info I was looking for. I have a WWII era pistol belt with assorted “deuce” gear attached. I am wondering about adding the old style belt hangar (the little crooked shaped steel wire, like bayonet scabbards or old style Gerber MKII sheaths had) to the top of this sheath to attach in to my belt. Since the “flap” on your sheath has the rivets at the top, I couldn’t cut notches into the leather to accommodate the pistol belt hangar. So I was wondering how wide it is, hoping maybe the pistol belt hangar would simply fit inside the flap.


  1. I am interested in the knuckle duster. I sent you an email with attached pictures of a knife I would like to trade as part of the deal. I didn’t know how to attach pictures to this Comment Section. Let me know what you think, hopefully we can deal.

    Mike Brannen


    • Still no email from you. No idea why. I get 5-10 emails everyday, but getting none from you. Maybe my SPAM filter is kicking them out?


      • No idea. Let’s continue here then.

        I would be comfortable with $450 and your knife as a trade. You could just send payment along with the knife instead of using PayPal.


  2. That works. Just send me your mailing address and the name you want on the cashier’s check. Being Saturday, I’m not sure if the bank or PO is open, so I might not be able to send it until Monday.


    • Just dropped the package off at the PO. Cashiers check is in an envelope in the box. I hope the Pathfinder is acceptable. It is the most beautiful knife I have ever owned, but all my knives seem to eventually end up as users and I don’t have the heart to dress a deer with such a nice knife. Hopefully the Model 14 can just hang on my display wall and never has to become a user 😦


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