*SOLD* Randall Model 12-9″ Sportsman Brass Back Bowie!

Another RARE knife from the Dick Van Sickle Collection!

Dick Van Sickle was an Authorized Randall Dealer, and titled as “The Largest Bowie Dealer” by Bo Randall himself! Unfortunately, Mr. Van Sickle passed away in an automobile accident  in the early 1970’s. These knives from his collection pre-date 1971.

  1. Model 12-9″ Sportsman Bowie
  2. Nine inch O-1 Carbon Steel Blade
  3. RARE Brassback Spine!
  4. Brass Double Lugged Hilt
  5. Brass Scalloped Collar
  6. Rosewood Handle
  7. Brass Scalloped and Flanged Butt Cap
  8. Maurice Johnson Tight Stitched Rough Back Sheath
  9. Yellow Ink Print Combination Hone
  10. Never Used, Carried or Sharpened but has spent years in it’s sheath
  11. $20.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping
  12. I prefer Wal-Mart Money Gram payments




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