*SOLD* Jack Crider Model 12-9″ Camp Knife!

From the Vaults of my personal collection!

Randall Made Knives Jack Crider Special Model 12-9″Camp Knife!

This knife was featured in Rhett Stidham’s “Green” Catalog on pg. 45,


One of approximately 10-12 ever made!!!

  1. Model 12-9″ Special Sportsman’s Bowie
  2. Unique O-1 Carbon Steel Blade Grind!
  3. Thumb Notches on top of Spine!
  4. Brass Squared Single Hilt!
  5. Standard Red, White & Blue Spacers
  6. Stacked Leather Straight Handle
  7. The First Leather Handle with Finger Grips!
  8. Brass Slightly Radiused Butt Cap
  9. Drilled Wrist Thong Hole & Lanyard
  10. Johnson Loose Stitched Roughback Sheath.
  11. Original & Unused Salmon Sharpening Hone
  12. I have added Pics of the knife in the Green Catalog!
  13. Also shown are pics of a second one that I have owned!
  14. Shown as a comparison with a standard Sportsman Bowie.
  15. $20.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping

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