RARE Pair 1964 Model 14 & Model 15 “Low S” Fighting Knives! MINT! $5500

I’m listing some of my rare Vietnam Fighters out of my personal collection!

     You will not find nicer knives of this caliber anywhere!

  1. Model 14 Attack and 15 Airman. Early Vietnam era. (1964/65)
  2. Blades – 5 1/2″ and 7 1/2″ stainless steel. Randall Made Knives Orlando, Fla. “low S”
  3. Saw Teeth on Spines.
  4. Hilts – Rectangular double brass hilt, 15 measures 2 7/16″ in width.
  5. Handles – Black micarta (Bo called it Green Vein) with un-lined wrist thong.
  6. Sheaths – Maurice Johnson Split Back & Roughback Model “C” Riveted.
  7. Stones – Correct period yellow print Combination Crystolon.
  8. Condition – Near mint / unused / unsharpened.
  9. This is an extremely rare pair of Randall’s in collector grade condition.



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