*SOLD* Pre-1964 Puma-Werk Super Set – Sold Through Abercrombie & Fitch!

Highly desirable Pre-1964 PUMA Super Set Sold by Abercrombie & Fitch!

These Puma-Werk Solingen, Germany knives were made before the year 1964 and therefore, there are no date stamps on the guard of either knife. 

The tang stamp on the front of the large knife is: “PUMA-WERK -SOLINGEN” “MADE IN GERMANY”. Blade etch: ABERCROMBIE & FITCH, MADE IN GERMANY”. Opposite tang stamp is: “PUMA-WAIDBLATT” “Bestell-Nr.3588” No other blade etching like the newer versions. This knife measures 12 7/8″ overall.  The blade itself measures 8 1/2″.  Nickel Silver Guard and Pommel – Note that there is No Lanyard Hole like the later models have. The handle has a Silver inlay in the handle.  This inlay is stamped ‘800’. 

The Smaller Knife is Tang Stamped Front: INOX Bestell. Nr. Blade etch is: 3587 HANDARBEIT ABERCROMBIE & FITCH MADE IN GERMANY.  Tang Stamped Rear: PUMA-WERK SOLINGEN, MADE IN GERMANY, Blade Etch is: PUMA NICKER vom waidbesteck. This Puma knife measures 7 15/16″ overall. The blade itself measures 4″.

This package includes the Original Black Leather Piggyback Sheath that holds both knives. (All of the keeper straps are in good condition with no cuts or tears.)

The Box is post dated 1949! – Still has factory edge. Never sharpened, carried, or cleaned. No chips or cracks in the Stag handles.

$20.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping

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