Fully Customized Thorpe Bowie! *SOLD*

WOW! How About THIS Full Blown Custom Beauty!?!?

  1. Randall Made Knives Model 12-13″ Raymond Thorpe Bowie
  2. James Behring Jr. Customized!
  3. Brass Back on Blade Spine!
  4. Original Brass Lugged Hilt!
  5. Brass Sub-Hilt Added to Handle!
  6. Brass and Black Spacers Throughout!
  7. Fossil Walrus Ivory Tipped Handle!
  8. Handle Pinned to Tang!
  9. Full Blown Custom Mudbone Jones Scabbard!
  10. Completely Hand Made and Hand Tooled!
  11. $25.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping
  12. PayPal Friends & Family Payment
  13. A PayPal Link Is Below for Goods & Services
  14. Cash, Checks and Money Orders are Welcome Also

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