SOLD 1977 CUSTOM KNIFE SET: Jimmy Lile ~ Pat Crawford ~ Case XX Clasp ~ Schrade Drop Point ~ A.G. Russell

DESCRIPTION: I am offering this 1977 American Blade Set of knives that was produced to commemorate the James Bowie “Sandbar Fight” in 1827. Each knife in the set was picked to most represent classic American blades and each maker was chosen to produce the finest example of his craft. Jimmy Lile, master craftsman and President of the Knife Guild at the time, made the boot knife. W.R. Case. & Sons made the folding clasp knife. A.G. Russell’s shop made the 4″ blade hunter. Schrade made the Robert Loveless designed “Drop Point” hunter. Pat Crawford, voted the most promising Bowie Knife maker at the 1973 Guild meeting, made the large coffin handled Bowie. All blades are etched with a Bob Dale scene of the “Sandbar Fight.” Each knife was handmade and each knife bears the number 15 as this was set number 15 made. The Lile Boot Dagger has a Micarta handle. The Case Clasp knife has African Mozambique Ebony Wood ( the only Case knife ever made with this material). The Russell knife has the Mozambique Ebony Wood as well. The Schrade Loveless Hunter has Derlin. The Crawford Bowie Micarta. The Set is presented in a French fitted walnut case ( 24″ x 14′ x 3″) and complimented by a sterling silver medallion especially struck for the occasion. Please look at all photos as they offer a nice visual description of the set.


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