Rare Smith & Wesson Collector’s Series $1995

Rare Smith and Wesson / Blackie Collins 5 Knife Set in Countertop Display!

Rare!! Fully Engraved Blades and Pure Sterling Silver Fittings!


  1. Model Folder – 4.5 inches long closed. Plain
  2. Model 6090 Skinner – Big Horn Sheep Blade Etching. Oak Leaves. #0609
  3. Model 6030 Outdoorsman – Three Deer Blade Etching. Oak Leaves. #0623
  4. Model 6020 Survival – Grizzly Bear Blade Etching. Oak Leaves. #0325
  5. Model 6010 Bowie – “Don’t Tread On Me” Blade Etching. Oak Leaves. #0922
  6. Condition is New, Unused and Unsharpened.
  7. One tight hairline crack in the handle of the Bowie.
  8. Fancy engraving with several sport hunting animals etched in the blades.
  9. The wood display case has few dings and scratches.
  10. The lettering on the word “Bowie” has a little  missing on each side.

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