This is a Post~War custom by the Founding Father of the Randall Made Knives Empire!

Created from a Model 1913 Cavalry Sword, commonly referred to as the Patton Saber, Bo used the center section of the blade to acheive the desired length and width he desired to create this masterpiece. 

  1. 13″ blade length which includes the blood groove.
  2. 4.25″ brass hilt in a unique forward angled shape.
  3. Sambar Stag Commando shaped handle pinned in place.
  4. The stag has a unique shape to incorporate the butt into it.
  5. The is nothing that is not unique about this rarity, PERIOD!
  6. As with most all one-off creations, there is no sheath available.
  7. Included is the Certificate of Authenticity which hammers home the knife’s rarity!

I have included pictures of two display cases in the Randall Museum which display both vintage sword blades that were to be used as future experimental projects for Bo Randall, as well as another display case with such re-purposed blades that were transformed into other works of art. Also, a few pics of this knife leaning on a tree on the Randall property in Orlando, Florida.

I will ship this in an aluminum hard case for protection for no extra charge.

***SOLD*** Randall Model 2-5″ Custom

Here is a very interesting little Randall Made Knives Model 2-5″!

I believe this knife to be assembled by the legendary Tom Leschorn!

This knife dates to the 1968-70 timeframe.

  1. Randall Model 2-5″ Boot Knife
  2. O-1 Carbon Steel Blade
  3. Possibly Chrome Plated?
  4. Brass Double Hilt
  5. Single Black/Reddish Spacer each end
  6. Ironwood? Commando Shaped Handle
  7. Here is the kicker! Brass Pinned Butt Cap!
  8. Slanted and Concave Shaped Butt Cap!
  9. Maurice Johnson Roughback Sheath
  10. Free Priority Mail Shipping with PP/FF!

***SOLD*** Brand New Model 24-4″ Guardian Custom!

Here is something that you won’t see a duplicate of!

Model 24 Guardian with Liberace Kirinite custom handle!

Fresh from the shop and include the original shop paperwork! Removed for photos only!

Randall Shop Foreman Scott Maynard recommended this Kirinite block while attending the BLADE SHOW this year, and said that these were the finest looking handles that he has installed!

$15.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping!

***SOLD*** Randall Smithsonian Brassback Bowie!

Model 12-11″ Smithsonian Brassback Bowie!

Original 1970’s Randall Made Knives Model 12-11″ Smithsonian Brassback Bowie!

Lots of original patina that I won’t polish off, but the new owner can if he so chooses!

(It took 40+ years to get there!)

Original Maurice Johnson Roughback sheath in great condition as well!

These don’t show up for sale very often anymore, and especially at a bargain price!

***SOLD*** Model 1-6″ Crown Stag Fighter! All The Bells & Whistles!

  1. Outrageous Randall Made Knives Model 1-6″ APFK!
  2. Optional Stainless Steel Blade!
  3. Optional Sawteeth on Spine!
  4. Optional Brass Lugged Hilt!
  5. Optional Brass & Black Spacers!
  6. Optional Customer Supplied Handle Material!
  7. Presentation Grade Premium Crown Stag Handle!
  8. Optional Black “No Hone” Sullivan’s Sheath!
  9. Mint Condition! Never Used, Carried or Sharpened!
  10. NONE BETTER!!!

***SOLD*** Model 14 Attack Lugged Hilt!

Unusual Mid-1970’s RMK Model 14 Attack with a Brass Lugged Double Hilt!

Full Tang Construction. Border Patrol Handle Shape.

As New, Unused Condition. (Some patina on the brass that could use some polish)

Johnson Rough Back Sheath with what appears to be one pre-punched rivet hole.

The knife has been stored inside the sheath.

Salmon Colored Sharpening Hone in Pocket.