Model 1-6″ Crown Stag Fighter! All The Bells & Whistles! $1495

  1. Outrageous Randall Made Knives Model 1-6″ APFK!
  2. Optional Stainless Steel Blade!
  3. Optional Sawteeth on Spine!
  4. Optional Brass Lugged Hilt!
  5. Optional Brass & Black Spacers!
  6. Optional Customer Supplied Handle Material!
  7. Presentation Grade Premium Crown Stag Handle!
  8. Optional Black “No Hone” Sullivan’s Sheath!
  9. Mint Condition! Never Used, Carried or Sharpened!
  10. NONE BETTER!!!

12-9″ Sportsman Premium Crown Stag! Outstanding! $1495

  1. 1980’s Randall Made Knives Model 12-9″ Sportsman Knife!
  2. Brass Lugged Hilt with Brass & Black Spacers!
  3. Premium Crown Stag Handle Material!
  4. Johnny Johnson Rough Back Sheath!
  5. Mint Condition! Never Used, Carried or Sharpened!
  6. Includes the Zippered Storage Pouch as Shown!
  7. No NOT Miss Out On This Magnificent Knife!

Model 14 Attack Lugged Hilt! $795

Unusual Mid-1970’s RMK Model 14 Attack with a Brass Lugged Double Hilt!

Full Tang Construction. Border Patrol Handle Shape.

As New, Unused Condition. (Some patina on the brass that could use some polish)

Johnson Rough Back Sheath with what appears to be one pre-punched rivet hole.

The knife has been stored inside the sheath.

Salmon Colored Sharpening Hone in Pocket.



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Randall Knives Orlando, Florida sharpening stone. The stone was never used. The actual stone measures 8 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. The outer box measures 8 3/4 inches long, 3 inches wide and 1 1/8 inches … Continue reading