SOLD! Model 12-6″ Little Bear Bowie from the Museum!

This is about as collectible as it gets! Once in a lifetime opportunity to own!

Included with this is a hand written letter by Bo Randall himself, speaking about personal information, including Gary Randall!

Randall Made Knives Model 12-6″ Little Bear Bowie from Bo Randall’s “Samples”!

Purchased by a personal friend of the Randall family, and a sailor aboard the USS ENTERPRIZE!

I have owned this piece for many years as one of my “I’m never going to sell” knives!

  1. 1969 Vintage Model 12-6″ Little Bear Bowie
  2. Swedish O-1 Carbon Steel Blade
  3. Brass Single Hilt
  4. Unique for 1969 All Red Spacers~!
  5. Black Micarta Handle/Standard Shape
  6. Brass Butt Cap
  7. Unique Pinned Butt Cap!
  8. This knife is a solid year before the presumed date of pinned butt caps by the “experts”!
  9. Correct Maurice Johnson Rough Back Sheath and Sharpening Stone
  10. This is an as new, unused, unsharpened package!
  11. I will include the custom shadow box display for additional shipping!

*SOLD* RARE Tom Leschorn Bear Bowie!

Ultra Collector Grade Tom Leschorn Randall Made Knives Bear Bowie!

Mint Knife From My Personal Collection!

  1. 1970’s Era Model 12-8″ Big Bear Bowie.
  2. O-1 Swedish Carbon Steel Blade
  3. Etched Randall Made Logo
  4. Brass Forward Curved Hilt
  5. Typical Leschorn Trademark Black & White Spacers
  6. Black Micarta Commando Shaped Handle
  7. Blank Brass Name Plate.
  8. Another Leschorn Trademark Pinned Brass Buttcap!
  9. Johnson Rough Back Sheath With Leg Thong
  10. Free Shipping in the Lower 48!
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Leschorn Bear Bowie


*SOLD* RARE Randall Display Case!

Randall Made Knives Display Cabinet, shop issued 11/94, serial number 6.
 This is a nicely made oak cabinet, green felt lined and will accommodate 2-3 large bowies up to a 12″ blade length.  ” Randall made Knives” etched on the glass, and “1938” on the bottom trim.

Outside dimensions as follows:
L: 15 5/8″, W: 4 5/8″, H: 25 1/2″
Inside dimensions as follows:
L: 11 7/8″, W: 2 5/8″, H: 19 3/8″
Length from shelf to the bottom is 12 1/8″.

The cabinet features a magnetic closure and is equipped with hardware ready for hanging.
If you’re a collector of Randall Made Knives and would like to proudly display your knives in home or office  don’t miss out on this cabinet.  I’d say these are pretty rare birds especially shop issued and signed by Gary Randall himself!

$25.00 USPS ground shipping to CONUS only. Sorry, no international sales. This item will be carefully packed and boxed and shipped promptly. 

The sooner you buy it the better chance for Christmas delivery.

Fully Customized Thorpe Bowie! *SOLD*

WOW! How About THIS Full Blown Custom Beauty!?!?

  1. Randall Made Knives Model 12-13″ Raymond Thorpe Bowie
  2. James Behring Jr. Customized!
  3. Brass Back on Blade Spine!
  4. Original Brass Lugged Hilt!
  5. Brass Sub-Hilt Added to Handle!
  6. Brass and Black Spacers Throughout!
  7. Fossil Walrus Ivory Tipped Handle!
  8. Handle Pinned to Tang!
  9. Full Blown Custom Mudbone Jones Scabbard!
  10. Completely Hand Made and Hand Tooled!
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