*SOLD* Rare Tom Leschorn Randall!

Extremely Scarce Randall Model 3-5″ Hunter assembled by Legendary Tom Leschorn!

I purchased this knife directly from the Official Sole Authorized Randall Made Knives Authenticator Joe Dorsky some time back!

Rare pinned butt cap (1968-70)!

Red & White spacers consistent with Denmark Sporting Goods special knives!

White stone in a nice Johnson rough back sheath!

It doesn’t get much better than this one!

*SOLD* RARE Randall-Shaw/Liebowitz-Leschorn-Special!

One of a Kind Randall Made Knives Shaw/Liebowitz Special-Leschorn Embellished!

This is a very special knife!

While living in Alaska, Tom Leschorn’s neighbor had a young son who loved the outdoors life of hunting and fishing, thats afforded to someone living in that area of the world growing up. Tom decided to adorn a very special (Shaw/Liebowitz Special, to be precise) knife to present to the boy as a gift. What you see here is the result of his effort.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, was a finer Artist, Master Engraver, and Carver, than Tom Leschorn! (Trust me, I’ve owned more of his knives than anyone, other than Gary Randall himself!)

Along with his trademark fine checkering of the Walnut handle, Tom also inserted a Fossil Walrus Ivory oval panel which he himself scrimshawed a Rainbow Trout on! (Not many pieces of Leschorn scrimshaw floating around!)

A rare opportunity to own a true Investment Grade piece of fine art in the Randall knife world

*SOLD* Model 7-3.5″ Leschorn Custom Buffalo Horn Handle!


One of only 10 or 12 Model 7-3.5″ blades ever made, and this one was assembled by none other than Tom Leschorn!

  1. Insanely RARE Model 7-3.5″ Blade Length
  2. Stainless Steel Blade
  3. Separate “S” Blade Stamp
  4. Nickel/Silver Single Hilt
  5. Leschorn Signature Black and White Spacers
  6. Gorgeous Genuine Buffalo Horn Handle
  7. Maurice Johnson Roughback Sheath
  9. Zippered Storage Pouch Included
  10. Free Shipping in the Continental USA

*SOLD* The Ultimate Tom Leschorn Knife!

Randall Made Knives Model 25-5″ Trapper Custom Built by the World Class Master Carver Tom Leschorn!

One of the last knives created by Tom before his untimely death.

This example has an Original Pure Alaskan Gold Bison Carved by Leschorn set into the handle!

(See the included pictures from “The Randall Saga” by Dominique Beaucant)

*SOLD* Leschorn Bear Bowie! Only 2 known!

As rare as it gets for customized Randall Knives!

NOBODY has a more decorated and illustrious talent when it comes to custom Randall’s than Tom Leschorn! Tom was a knife builder, engraver, carver and scrimshander! None of the other associated artists can make that statement!

This is one of only three Randall Made Knives Model 12-8″ Bear Bowies in this configuration!

One is owned by Gary Randall and on display in the Randall Museum. The other one is still owned by Mr. Myers himself!

Instantly recognizable as a Leschorn knife by the “L” etched beside the Randall logo!

This particular design was a collaboration between Tom and Ron Myers, an outstanding knifemaker and wood carver on his own accord! The pommel is a hand carved Eagle and signed by the artist!

(I have included photos of this knife setting on top of the display case containing Gary Randall’s example)

SOLD! Model 12-6″ Little Bear Bowie from the Museum!

This is about as collectible as it gets! Once in a lifetime opportunity to own!

Included with this is a hand written letter by Bo Randall himself, speaking about personal information, including Gary Randall!

Randall Made Knives Model 12-6″ Little Bear Bowie from Bo Randall’s “Samples”!

Purchased by a personal friend of the Randall family, and a sailor aboard the USS ENTERPRIZE!

I have owned this piece for many years as one of my “I’m never going to sell” knives!

  1. 1969 Vintage Model 12-6″ Little Bear Bowie
  2. Swedish O-1 Carbon Steel Blade
  3. Brass Single Hilt
  4. Unique for 1969 All Red Spacers~!
  5. Black Micarta Handle/Standard Shape
  6. Brass Butt Cap
  7. Unique Pinned Butt Cap!
  8. This knife is a solid year before the presumed date of pinned butt caps by the “experts”!
  9. Correct Maurice Johnson Rough Back Sheath and Sharpening Stone
  10. This is an as new, unused, unsharpened package!
  11. I will include the custom shadow box display for additional shipping!