*SOLD* RARE! Christian Soldier Set! 1 of 5!

This is the series of 3 knives known as the Christian Men’s Knives as a testament of faith. There were 5 sets made, and I know that Chief, Kevin, Tom and Scott had a set as well. (Last names of others withheld for privacy)

The first knife is the “Christian Soldier”, a Model 19-5″, SS, N/S hilt, all black spacers, shop supplied ironwood, finger grip’s, N/S butt cap, and name engraved as well as Christian Soldier. It is furnished with a Greg Gutcher custom black basket weave sheath with a cross concho. Also, a custom Robbins zippered storage case was made for this knife.

The second knife is the “Good Shepherd”, a Model 3-7″, SS, N/S hilt, all black spacers, Chief supplied the buckeye burl, N/S buttcap. Also the same sheath and case was made for this knife.


The third knife is the “Armor Of God” and a bit unique. Each Model 12-8″ Bear Bowie was configured differently. I chose crown stag for mine. Photo of the others included.


All Five Bears

That’s not a Roosevelt dime, that’s an Eisenhower Dollar! (Shown for size comparison)

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