*SOLD* Randall Model 5-6″ BRADFORD ANGIER!

Randall Made Knives Model 5-6″ BRADFORD ANGIER Camp-N-Trail.
Famous wilderness author, Bradford Angier was a huge proponent of the Randall Model #5. For years many referred to this model as ‘The Bradford Angier’…even over the model #5! There are countless options available for Model #5’s…but only one way can you set one up the way that the man, himself, used one. This one is set up with those exact same options.

Late 1960’s with seven spacers and CHROME PLATED BLADE!

* Randall Model #5-6 inch
* Hand forged carbon steel blade
* O1 Swedish tool steel
* 6 inch blade length
* 1/4 inch blade stock
* Clip point blade shape
* Thumb notches
* Nickel silver single hilt
* Black micarta handle
* Wrist thong
* Compass in handle butt
* Model A sheath (tan)
* Sharpening stone (grey) in hone pocket

This package is absolutely gorgeous! You can not find a finer example!

$10.00 USPS Priority Shipping

PayPal friends & family to: tmjappliances@gmail.com



4 thoughts on “*SOLD* Randall Model 5-6″ BRADFORD ANGIER!

  1. Dear Bill … i have to make a offer to my customer for this knife ! Please can you take it on hold for me for 4 day’s ? Best regards … He!nz

    STIASTNY Heinz “Die Wiener Klinge” Keplingergasse 10, A – 1130 Wien, Austria – Europe Phone : +43 664 16 17 030 Instagram : instagram.com/diewienerklinge send from iPhone !



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