*SOLD* Kent Perdue’s Very First Knife!

The very first customized knife sold to the public! Serial Number KP2!

Here is what he had to say about this knife:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After years of watching and learning from my father, engraver David Perdue, I can finally say that I have engraved a Randall Made Knife. I decided it only made sense for my first knife to be a model #1 which is numbered KP1. The second knife, a model #2 is numbered KP2. I’m already working on the next knife, more to follow. For my first knife, I wanted it to be a representation of what I am working toward. It is fully engraved, an overlay on the rear of the recessed butt cap and an antler inlay in the handle. The inlay is set into the ironwood handle which has a copper oak leaf overlay as well as a 24k solid gold acorn. This knife is not currently for sale, it will be held for the time being to reference in upcoming work. It gives you an idea of what you to expect in the future.

The model #2 which is for sale has a 7 inch carbon blade, gold plated brass guard & handle overlay and a great vintage stag handle. The knife comes with a rough back sheath. This was one of those knives that I knew was perfect when I saw it and was fortunate to acquire it for this project. I will be including a letter of authenticity. This knife is signed and numbered (KP2).

9 thoughts on “*SOLD* Kent Perdue’s Very First Knife!

  1. Hallo Bill … and here are the good news !
    I got from my customer the order to buy this knife !
    When i get the prepayment from my customer i will PayPal you the money !
    Best regards … He!nz


    • Dear Bill, … prepayment of my customer will arrive thursday or friday this week. When money arrives on my account, i will immediate PayPal you the money ! Take care about COVID-19 and best regards … He!nz

      STIASTNY Heinz “Die Wiener Klinge” Keplingergasse 10, A – 1130 Wien, Austria – Europe Phone : +43 664 16 17 030 Instagram : instagram.com/diewienerklinge send from iPhone !



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