*SOLD* Model 1-8″ LOW “S” Fighting Knife!

Here is a golden opportunity to own a true collector’s knife!

  1. 1964-66 Randall Made Knives Model 1-8″ APFK (All Purpose Fighting Knife)
  2. Scarce “Low S” Stainless Steel blade!
  3. Nickel/Silver Double Fighter Hilt
  4. Seven spacer configuration
  5. Gorgeous Walnut Handle!
  6. Near Mint Maurice Johnson Rough Back Tight Stitched Sheath
  7. Original grey sharpening hone in pouch
  8. There is no evidence of the knife ever being used or sharpened, just sheath insertion marks which will probably polish out.
  9. This is a beautiful vintage fighter that would be the Holy Grail of some collections!
  10. $15.00 USPS Priority Shipping in the USA

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