*SOLD* Miniature Model 13 with Extras!

Here is a unique package!

Miniature Randall Made Knives Model 13 with a 4″ blade length! This was probably made during the early 1980’s when Shop Foreman Dave Griffin was at the helm of daily operations.  We believe that Tom Leschorn more than likely the builder, because of his trademark black and white spacers and exceptional finish!

Here’s what is included:

  1. Miniature Model 13-4″ Custom Knife
  2.  Nickel Silver Forward Curved Hilt
  3.  Black & White Spacers
  4.  Maroon Micarta Handle
  5.  Nickel Silver Butt Plate
  6.  The Original Johnson Rough Back Sheath
  7.  Sheath Marked 2-4

Also Included are:

  1. Gutcher Custom Made To Fit Black Ostrich Sheath!
  2.  Miniature Don Hedrick version of the above knife!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to own something that nobody else has!



12 thoughts on “*SOLD* Miniature Model 13 with Extras!

    • should i paypal you the money for the knives ? … and when you have the shipment cost from ups … i paypal you the shipment costs ?! … regards … He!nz


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