Fully Engraved Smithsonian Bowie *SOLD*

Randall Made Knives Model 12-11″ Smithsonian Bowie Attributed to Tom Leschorn!

From the estate of a former authorized Randall Dealer, who retired his business in the 80’s!

This is the ONLY Smithsonian Bowie that we have ever seen, let alone owned, with the entire knife engraved! It has all of the Leschorn characteristics, including incredible Master Engraving, and a Walnut handle with Black & White spacer stacks!

  1. Randall Made Knives Model 12-11″ (Heavy) Smithsonian Bowie
  2. Brass Double Lugged Hilt
  3. Black & White Spacer Stacks
  4. Walnut Commando Shaped Handle
  5. Duralumin Butt Cap
  6. Large Brass Retaining Tang Nut
  7. Fully Engraved Blade, Hilt and Butt Cap
  8. Maurice Johnson Roughback Sheath
  9. $25.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping

This is one of the finest Smithsonian’s on the planet!

5 thoughts on “Fully Engraved Smithsonian Bowie *SOLD*

  1. Dear Bill, good news from Vienna !
    My customer will take the knife !
    Please send me your information for payment ! Best regards …He!nz


    • Good news … money is on the way ! When you have the shipment charge ready, please send me a info. Thank you for your support And best regards !


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